From Aspire

We are home now and still in awe over our South Shore Jeep Tour by Gummie Glacier! We travel alot and this was one of the top five things we did next to the Eiffel Tower and Rome. The tour guide made the difference. He knew all about Iceland, answered questions, provided lots of good information, gave us plenty of time at our tour spots and provided an unforgettable tour of the South Shore of Iceland. I would recommend anyone to book the Super Jeep South Shore tour - fabulous with black sand beaches, caves and walking behind the waterfall. Skip Reykjavik Excursions - they don't stop long enough. One tour we booked with them they stopped again at the waterfall you walk behind - we were there with our Arctic tour guide - they only allowed 10 minutes! No one walked behind it the entire point of going there. Thanks to Gummie for the best memories!

Aspire Visited July 2011