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My friend and I did 3 day tours:
-Glacier Hiking up Solheimajokull. Climb up the glacier with crampons and also get to do a bit of ice climbing with ice picks once you're up there. We got to taste glacier ice and fill up our water bottles with glacier water. Breathtaking scenery. You can actually see the coastline from the top of the glacier.
-Black and Blue, (caving and cold water snorkeling). The caving was a bit scary and the snorkeling was deliciously cold but absolutely beautiful. I've been snorkeling and scuba diving in the bahamas and in central america and i've never seen clear water like this before. Apparantly the water is filtered through lava fields before it reaches the Silfras Fissure where you snorkel (right at the continental divide!) and you can literally see 100m below you. If you're scared of heights you might not want to do this. The water is also pretty cold, when i went it was 4-6 degrees celsius. But you're given dry suits and other than your lips, it keeps you pretty warm.
-white water canoeing, the canoes are like these little inflatable rafts that sit 2 people and look like they could flip if you breathed in too deeply. Luckily, they were much sturdier than they looked, but every single rapid is severely magnified in this little canoe and you will be in constant fear of flipping over but you will have a ton of fun. The water is cold, not as bad as the snorkeling, and you're given a wet suit. You also do a stop where you can cliff jump--I did it even though I have an aversion to heights and getting cold, but that experience definetely made my list of top 10 happiest moments of my life.

Each was a completely different adventure and amazing experience! The packed lunches are pretty good and the pick up option always helps if you don't have a rental car. Arctic adventures is definetly the company to book through if you've never been to Iceland before. Even native Icelanders book through them (we met some Icelanders on the canoeing trip). It was a bit expensive, but you will not get these experiences anywhere else for a better price or a lower stress situation.

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