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Iceland Adventure Day Tours and ExpeditionsArctic Adventures offers a wide selection of amazing adventure trips, anything and everything from rafting, glacier hiking, caving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, ice climbing, diving, canoeing,  snowmobile, quad biking and trekking to weekend trips.

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Welcome to Iceland Cruisers!

At your service– your dedicated specialists in super jeep tours in Iceland! From comfortable half-day sightseeing excursions to professionally guided multi-day expeditions, we pride ourselves in offering the most complete and diverse menu of super jeep tours you'll find anywhere in Icealnd. What makes us unique among the many super jeep tour companies is that we are born from dedicated group of outdoor adventurers, and have shaped our operation to reflect our passion for the great outdoors. Most of our guides are also professional trekking, rafting, and glacier guides, and so we are able to offer most of our super jeep tours in combination with Iceland's wildest adventure activities. With this strong connection to our wilderness comes a heavy environmental conscience, and a commitment to tread as softly and sustainably as our big wheels allow.

Iceland Cruisers offers a wide variety of summer and winter super jeep tours, many of which are available as "self-drive" or "driver-guided" options. Whether an adventurous first-timer or a seasoned gearhead with permanent grease under your fingernails, Iceland Cruisers has everything you need to feed your inner 4WD junkie! Founded on industry-leading standards in safety and environmental practices, and backed by a team of professional, experienced, and friendly guides, we are committed to running the most fun and memorable super jeep tours in Iceland. We run a mixed fleet of modified Land Rover Defenders, Toyota Land Cruisers, Nissan Patrols, and "monsterized" Ford Econolines! Rolling on 36-48" tires, there is little that stands in the way of these rugged cross-country machines, and few places that are out of reach. We don't call them "super jeeps" for nothing! 

Landmannalaugar Safari - Super Jeep, Hot Springs & Volcanoes

All year combo trip: Driver guided or self drive super jeep day tour, bathing in a hot spring & volcano sightseeing.

Arctic Glacier Camp - 2 Day Super Jeep Glacier Expedition

Winter & spring multi trip: 2 day driver guided or self drive super jeep expedition & overnight camping on a glacier.

Landmannlaugar Highland Paradise - 2 Day Super Jeep Expedition

All year multi trip: 2 day driver guided or self drive expedition, hot spring bathing, glacier hike, ice climbing & overnight in a mountain chalet.

South Shore Safaris - Super Jeeps, Sightseeing & Activity

All year combo trips: Driver guided super jeep day tour, South Shore sightseeing & glacier hiking, caving or ATVs.

Golden Circle Safaris - Super Jeeps, Sightseeing & Activity

All year combo trips: Driver guided super jeep day tour, Golden circle sightseeing & snorkeling, caving, snowmobiling or ATVs.

Northern Lights Hunt - Super Jeep, Caving, Lobster & Northern Lights

Winter combo trip: Driver guided super jeep evening tour, lava caving, lobster dinner & Northern lights hunting.

Þórsmörk Volcano Hike - Super Jeeps & Volcano Hike

All year combo trip: Driver guided super jeep day tour & volcano hike up Fimmvörðuháls by Eyjafjallajökull volcano.